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Elaine Torres 

Designer, Thinker, Doer, Creator

Artists create through observation of the natural world and then we take those images and apply our talents to bring them to life for others to enjoy. 

Similarly, User Experience Designers take everyday problems and apply ideas, concepts, innovative thinking, and our own talents into creating memorable experiences, products, and services for people. 

Both require curiosity, a willingness to understand the subject you are trying to create for, and an undying desire to get it right. Even if that means going through multiple iterations of a design. 


Like art, designs are never complete. They are ebbing and flowing living things that can be adjusted, reworked, and redesigned to achieve maximum viability/lovability for all involved.


This is how I think. It's who I am and what I enjoy. 


I am a mother, wife, and friend. I am a scientific thinker, a creative doer, and a huge fan of music, nature, technology, the arts, and amazing food. Tattoos, punk rock, and Star Wars are cool. I cried when Solo, then Leia, then Luke died. Empathy is a real thing.

I'm an entrepreneurial thinker/doer, inventor, writer of short fiction and poetry, illustrator, and public speaker.

I am from Austin, Texas and the daughter of an artist who taught me to look at things differently from an early age. 

Currently, I am living in Atlanta, Ga. working as a UX Principal for The Home Depot and working on store systems with the Enterprise UX team. 

I'm looking for roles in UX Leadership, UX Architecture, or Service Design because I like filling in gaps to make things better.

How can I help?

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