Research, UX/UI Design


The Problem: Victims of sexual assault were being traumatized again when investigators ​needed to reintroduce them back into their investigation after many years. When a hit was received on a survivors rape kit exam evidence, they were notified either with an abrupt phone call or home visit. Officers wanted a way to keep track of victims of sexual assault. Most DNA kits remained untouched on shelves because cases stalled due to outdated contact information. Crisis advocates needed a way to be connected to both the investigation and the victim throughout the process.

RESEARCH: I interviewed law enforcement officers, rape crisis advocates, and actual victims of sexual assault.

STORYBOARDS/EPICS: Using, I created stories and epics that enabled me to manage the process flow and keep in line with the established timeline for the project. 

SKETCHES & WIREFRAMES: Allowed me to create visual concepts of the ideas that I had regarding the functionality of the application.

PROTOTYPE 1 (BLUE): Created using Adobe XD and Invision.

I tested this prototype with a small group of women who were questioned about the look, and use of the application. Insights gained pertained to color, and font selection.

PROTOTYPE II (PURPLE): This was the final prototype and presented to my peers. 

This project won best in class and was voted on by my peers, and among a group of local industry judges.