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The digital retail incubation team is working to revolutionize the traditional way that consumers purchase vehicles online. As the Sr. UX Architect on this small agile team, my role is that of lead UX for 3 different workstreams with the project. Tasks and daily work include mapping user experiences, user flows, back end flows, visual design, and prototyping. This SaaS project aims to understand how car buyers enter the car buying journey, identify opportunities, and design to solve them. 


This project was done in my first 3 months with Cox Automotive's Digital Retailing group. As a Sr. UX Architect, my role was to define the customer experience for the re-design as well as manage the work of a contracted agency through development.

I worked to define the end to end experience, created personas and facilitated research for parts of the designs. 

The work you see here is the work I did for this project. 

UX Design for Augmented Reality

My role with 7-Eleven has me working on various projects for the 7Rewards loyalty team. As a Sr. UX Designer, I primarily work with the 7Rewards mobile application. Within the 7Rewards app I am the primary UX designer for the ​Augmented Reality experiences in the app. 

The Pokémon Detective Pikachu Experience was an opportunity for me to use my creativity and design understanding to create a profitable experience for 7-Eleven. 

UX Design for Augmented Reality

This project is one aspect of my work as a UX Designer for 7Eleven's Customer Loyalty program, 7Rewards.​ I define the User Experience for the in app AR experiences. This is a demonstration of how I do that for the organization. In addition to defining the customer experience, I work with other members of the UX team to define and design the customer journey for the 7Rewards mobile application as a whole. 

MY ROLES: UX Design, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Storyboarding, Flow Diagrams, Customer Journey Mapping, Prototyping, Design System development (team), and User Testing

UX Design 

UX Design for iOS X

Project completed for my UX Design Certification course at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. Safe Lynq is a mobile application for the iphoneX that connects and reconnects people during times of crisis.

MY ROLES: Project manager, UX designer, Researcher, Interviews, Wireframes, Storyboarding

Graphic Design

Digital illustration using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Graphic Design, Infographics, and more!

Oil - Watercolor - Pen and Ink

Creativity is more than just pushing pixels. It also comes in the form of pushing paint across a canvas or drawing on paper.

Who Am I? Really?

A little more information about the person behind the whiteboard.